A Knight from Age of Silence:
Mohamed Rady, one of artistic Rady's pillars, a family who is considered one of the biggest artistic families in The Arab Countries.
Mohamed Rady was born in 1939, at El Gharbiya, in The Arab Republic of Egypt. In 1962, he obtained Bachelor of Law. In 1964, he obtained Bachelor of Cinema High Institute. It was the second intake for the institute.

Mohamed Rady's artistic career, started since he was a university student

Mohamed Rady established throughout his artistic career, a number of production companies, the most eminent one is RADY FILM, also RASIN with Mahmoud Yasin, RABIA with the writer Mageed Tobya, ATOUN with Ramsis Marzouq and Nehad Bahgat, and other companies with Nadia Lotfy, Galal el Sharqawy, Wageeh Eskandar. Besides The United Group Company, which activity is still running up till now.