About Sons of The Silence(Written by Mageed Tobia)

We were full of zeal and activity. After the literary writer Yousef el sebaee presided over Ministry of Culture, I found the opportunity, as he follows up my works and knows me in person. October victory was achieved; he ordered Mohamed el desoqy to produce "Sons of The Silence", he was occupying the job of the chairman of Cinema Establishment, but the production at cinema establishment has stopped, so director Mohamed Rady produced this film.

Mohamed Rady directed the civil scenes in about five weeks of shooting, and the military scenes in the same period. The film cost the budget of two films, it was his first experiment with war, explosions and huge mobs. Out of precaution, he photographed the wanted shots two doubles.

Lucky was the film of "Sons of The Silence" and other films. Throughout the history, there are footages of the crossing miracle, except those directed by Mohamed Rady. From the many shots, came the military footages in films as "El Karnak", "Lifetime is a moment" and others.

Besides what you watch accompany the patriotic songs and the Documentary films. I write this as a greeting to my friend Mohamed Rady.., in order to be read by the new talented generation. "Sons of The Silence" was considered one of the best hundred films in the history of the Egyptian cinema.