American Chases in People Assembly(Dr. Rafeq al sabban)

The film is big and significant�its fame preceded it, for its heavy costs which surrounded it�production circumstances and large propaganda, which accompanied stages of shooting and conflicting opinions, which surrounded its end then the theme it conveys.

In the first half of the film which captures us completely, Mohamed Rady succeeded in introducing the scene of the confrontation between people of the poor alley and central security soldiers. It makes us feel, what can a skillful director do with a well drawn scene. The director recruited human and material potentials for this scene, rare to be watched in an Egyptian film, ascending in a panting, suspending rhythm. He said his serious word, in a cinematic twinkling style. He caught the political crime among his fingers, pointing to it and concentrating on the puss coming out of it. People Assembly, its members and political solidarities� authority mafia, interests, corruption, bribery�violating the poor rights and stripping them. the honest voices and attempts to shut it up�internal contradictions eat up the poor class itself, to create distinctions, and make it sometimes unable to defend its proposed rights. Mohamed Rady said all that.

Rose al yousef 5-11-1990