An Idea! Mustafa Amin

Delivering speeches, lectures and words aren't enough to celebrate the day of 15 May. The best way to celebrate this day, is to show the cinematic films which handled life of the Egyptian people, under the dictatorship, authority centers and tyranny.

I wish if it's released on this day, "Behind the Sun" for the director Mohamed Rady, it's the film which some idiots, wanted to prevent it to be released in The Arab Countries, following the policy of the ostrich, which buries its head in the sand, so that no one may see it. We thank Allah that people in charge, called off this silly objection and permitted the release of the film.

It's strange that a more silly decision was issued to not introduce this film, to receive awards in international festivals! If this objection is right, German government would prevent releasing any film attacks Nazi rule, so that people don't know about the tyranny and cruelty which the german people went through! The Egyptian people should always remember the crimes of the individual rule, so it's not repeated again. So every executor remember that his crime won't be forgiven, it'll be always in memory?!

Holy Qur'an and scriptures didn't delete crimes of tyrants, but defamed and cursed them. But those who cover up torture crimes, are the remnants of those who don't believe in scriptu.