An exciting confrontation between Humans and Genii(Iris Nazmi)

The story, scenario and dialogue writer Mohamed Osman and the director Mohamed Rady, could attract the attention of audience from the first scene till the end, except the last quarter hour of the film.

So the cinematographers utilized from the religion confession of genii existence, introduced a film, with all elements of unexpected surprises and thrill, but the film remains different from other films, we are used to watch.. different by its wonders and its unrepeated theme on the Egyptian screen. The film keeps distinction from other films, by relying on the expertise of a practiced writer (Mohamed Osman) and a capable director (Mohamed Rady). they introduced arts of thrill in a magical cinematic journey in world on genii. The director introduced with the expertise of the cinematic technique a large amount of suspense, which he succeeded in fulfilling it. which is the start of cinematic success. Akher Sa'a: 13/11/2005.