Beginning of the Road

If Mohamed Rady wasn't a cinema director, he would be a theater director�

and an actor too�it's a dark side we don't know a lot about. He was the first to stand behind the camera without going through the phase of an apprentice! That's the way it goes in other careers, and by inheritance, each novice should go through youth stage at the hands of a master or a professor to learn secret of the job! Contributing as a theater director and an actor in many of the university theater activities, which enriched universities during the sixties and before, helped him to overstep this stage. His balance then, as a theater director during this early period of his life, was the artistic background which made him join The Cinema Institute, while still being a second year student at Faculty of Law, Ain Shams University . Undoubtedly, his handling universal theater specifically, as a director, shall play a role in his first cinematic choices.

After graduation..he didn't wait for the working forces assignment, but he risked with his first short films "The Tied To The Back" in an unpreceded experiment for his generation�before the appearance of The new Cinema Group, to which he'll be the godfather in its first years. Director Madkour Thabet, one of those who attempted the experiment of the new cinema within the public sector, evaluates Rady's experiment saying:"we cant deny the experiment of Mohamed Rady, in his strive outside this frame, opposite to cinemas of the public sector. He made a unique production attempt when he tried with many friends to collect money from here and there, to work out this new experiment, for a group of graduates on a 16mm. tape, which is"The Tied To The Back". Then he had his own start, distinct from what Mamdouh Shokry conveyed, and what we did.

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