A Greeting for Mohamed Rady
(Poet/ Mohamed Abdel Gawad Al NaggarAssociation of Writers and Literaries, Alexandria)

O! Magnificents cinema Iam Egyptian and stabled his steps to highness with pride
Cinema taught me love adore it tamed me in low seas
They wondered who Iam I said an immigrant a traveler by the moving planet
Dock loftiness in faces with pride elevate glory crown as moons
I walked between age building an idea I spent all the age in poems
For a visit in a date I longed for with the president I knew my way
My sons of silence on the way they talked and silence in silence removed my dust
Humans and genii excited in companionship O Rady! Who will comply with genii
Silence is best eloquent if came in wisdom polishing dawns darkness
However long the age comes as if a second and behind a sun bring secrets
And with the hell you preferred the barrier and hanker flamed his light as fire
Thanks for Rady praised his people thoughts of Rady enhanced mine
Why escape if ever lived in a heaven and your wars occurred behind a curtain
Embodied a passion of an Egyptian refused june to be in forehead of shame
In exile mothers were brave your steps ran at date of destinies
Rady! Steer a ship as an artist invaded sea of darkness and pulled my day from