"Lifetime is a Moment", an invitation for peace through the war(Hosn Shah)

Perhaps, releasing of "Lifetime is a moment" at that specific time, is a pleasing coincidence.

At the time, which the leader Mohamed Anwar Al Sadat was signing Camp David Treaty for peace, it would be proper for people to remember the peace which millions wait for, all over the world, is the result of the great sacrifices which the Egyptian people granted, with all its classes especially Egyptian fighters.

The film with its theme, stars and most of his artistic elements, from the Egyptian films which wants to convey something serious.

Maybe the most emotions arising scenes in "Lifetime is a moment", is the scene of children martyrdom in the school of bahr el baqar, this scene shuttered nerves of the audience. Also the scenes of fights and crossing, proved that Mohamed Rady became the most outstanding specialized Egyptian director. The film is of the serious Egyptian films which deserve praise. Al Akhbar 21/1/1987