Something from Memories(By Baheeg Ismael)

By late sixties, I got acquainted with Mohamed Rady, we were at the twenties beginning. He was a fresh new graduate from the cinema institute, and I, from Faculty of Arts...he was enthusiastic to make a new cinema, especially that the Italian and French cinema trend overwhelmed youth mind. I, for myself seek to write the sonnet I prepared a scenario with the name "The Tied To The Back", where camera plays the role of a poet, with guidance from the director for sure..that's the way, I and Mohamed Rady got acquainted through paper of this film.

Mohamed Rady films are distinguished by sensibility and accuracy. As any great director, he would consume large number of photography bobbins. But in the end, he gets the result he aspires for, which everybody likes. I remember specifically "The Butterfly" (a short dancing musical film). The talent of Mohamed Rady was pointed out in his sense of montage, while shooting; it's a talent which many directors don't have.

Abd el haleem admired this film "The Butterfly", that he invited us to visit him at his home..

we visited him- in our beginning- to agree with him on directing some of his songs in short films from the type of "The Butterfly".

Mohamed Rady chose his themes accurately, especially Nationalism and Patriotism, which he started with "Sons of The Silence" for the literary writer Mageed Tobia, "Lifetime is a moment" for Yousef el sebaee and others.. he is still renewing in his biography and his career so far..loyal to the art, which he started as an amateur- and still an amateur so far.