My Young Diligent Friend By Ahmed Metwaly

Summer 1960, was the first time I met him, when applying for The Cinema High Institute..the institute yard was crowded, in waiting for the interview for those who passed the ground test, our number, the succeeded, was about two hundred. They wanted only twenty five for all departments of the institute. I saw him in the middle of this mob, a muscular young man with a white sharkskin suit. This was the fashion these days, with a red handker in the upper pocket and a red tie, proud of himself in the middle of this crowd, as if he's Laurence Olivier.

Me and Mohamed Rady, succeeded with the other ones, joined the institute, our relation became tighter; we were gathered by love of theater. Both of us came from this source. If The Cinema Institute didn't open its doors in 1959, our destiny would be Institute of Theater Arts to fulfill our previous dreams.

In 1964, we graduated from The Cinema Institute, we made a long way for forty years, working together in cinematography..he a director and me a montier. We agreed a lot and disagreed a lot, for the sake of the work. Together with other colleagues, we established The New Cinema Group. He had the greater effort in producing two films of the group, "A song on the Corridor" and " Shades on The Other Side". As the group assigned him to produce the two films and negotiating with The Cinema Establishment, going through fights of distribution and partnership portions, between the group and the establishment. He was encumbered with persuading artists and technicians to cede their wages. Without him, both films wouldn't be done so far. We made films together. I made with him more than 80% of the films he directed. I learned from him carefulness and accuracy in work..but I failed to learn punctuality.

A greeting of tribute and cherish for the diligent friend, which desperation doesn't know its way to him. He's the restless warrior�the young old Mohamed Rady�with my best wishes for him with health and constancy of perseverance and diligence.