Sons in The Pog(Raouf Tawfiq)

This film comes in a very suitable an artistic document, revealing what happened on the surface of the Egyptian life, when money language prevailed, conscience was absent and morals were hidden!

The film is "Mothers in The Exile" for the writer, Yousef Gohar and director Mohamed Rady. The film extends for two hours, as if never ends, before introducing the largest number of materialistic insatiability, and images of wild covet for gain and wealth, winners, losers and injured. We are the witnesses of this crazy battle, and its victims also. we know some of its parts we suffer from its traces and wounds!

The film embodies what we know, in a real desire for salvation and purification. if the director.

Mohamed Rady tried to change image of Adel Emam at his audience, through "The Hell", it was the first film for Adel to act without comedy. Mohamed Rady is back again to reshape Adel Emam in a human effective picture, and fulfilling the balance between his talent as a skillful comic actor, and his special potentials also in tragic acting.

Director Mohamed Rady, in this film is an artist who loved the theme he handles, spent generously on it. He's also the producer, gave the extract of his experiment in the cinema, challenging himself. In 1969, He's the one who established the cinema group, predicting untypical cinema, takes its material from the Egyptian reality. He went through many experiments, bore the failure and ventured again, he's confident of himself and his talent. Despite all the objections, this film remains one of the most important Egyptian films for this year. Sabah el Kher: 12/11/1981