Mohamed Rady Awards:

"The Tied To The Back"
: The first award from Youth Cinema Festival in 1968.
"The Barrier": represented Egypt in Cannes Festival , France.
"The Innocents": Best Photography Award, from The National Center for Cinema.
"Sons of The Silence" is considered one of the best 100 films in the Egyptian Cinema, Best Photography ,Award. of The Catholic Center , as the best movie for year 1975.

Tribute Certificate from The Culture Ministry, for direction, acting,
shooting, production, make up, sound and criticism.
Representing Egypt in Moscow Festival , Russia.
Choosing "Sons of Silence" as one of the best films in The Egyptian Cinema.

"Behind The Sun" received 4 awards from The Culture Ministry, which President El Sadat handed them out. They are: Awards of production, acting , music, decor, montage, best photography and poster.

4 Tribute Certificates for direction, acting, photography and music, from Cinema Art Association for year 1979.

Mohamed Rady received Tribute Certificates as a producer and a director from The Film Association.

"Lifetime is A Moment" Country Award for second best actor, Ahmed Zaki. Sound Award.

"The Hell" 4 awards from The National Festival for Cinema( decor,best photography, music, montage).

"Mothers in The Exile" Tribute Certificate from International Alexandria Festival. Tribute Certificate from Arts Academy , for direction and production.

"Humans and Genii" award of best acting, Yousra, from The Catholic Center for Cinema.

"The Escape from The Asylum" First Award for direction, from The Art of Cinema Association, Awards of Best Actor, Best Actress, decor, music,best photography, Award of best Photography from The Film Association.

"A Date with Destiny" Award of best film from The Catholic Center for Cinema.

"An Appointment with President" first award for direction, award for best film from Ouagadougou , Burkina Faso.


Mohamed Rady was tributed for celebrating centurial of the Egyptian cinema, as a tributing for his artistic career in cinematic direction and production.

Culture Ministry tributing for directors of films, which received international awards.

The Eleventh National Cinema Festival commemoration in 2005, as tribution for his artistic career, the festival issued a book about him with the title"Mohamed Rady, A knight from Age of Silence".

He also received many tributes from different associations such as Writers and media Association in Alexandria, Artists and Media of Giza, Small Screen Artists Association, Modern Literature Association and others throughout his cinematic career through 45 years, upon which he left his unerasable artistic print, unanimously by critics, cinematographers and audience.