Mohamed Rady Biography:


Mohamed Rady, one of artistic Rady's pillars, a family who considered one of the biggest artistic families in The Arab Countries.

Mohamed Rady
was born in 1939, at El Gharbiya, in The Arab Republic of Egypt. In 1962, He obtained Bachelor of Law. In 1964, he obtained Bachelor of Cinema High Institute. It was the second intake for the institute.
Mohamed Rady's artistic career, started since he was a university student, he acted and directed many universal plays at the university theater such as:
Ibsen "The Ghosts", Albert Camus "Gringoire", Banville, "The Price for Freedom", " Antony and Cleopatra", "Saladin", Soliman al Halbi "Martial Bracelets", and others.

He directed 23 plays for the university theater, such as Steinbeck "The Moon is Down", Sartre "Morts Sans Sepulture" [Deaths without burial], "Les Sequestres d' Altona" [The Condemned of Altona], Aaron Shaw "The Revolution of The Dead ", and a number of Shakespeare, Ibsen, Strindberg, Eugene O'Neill and Moliere plays.

He also directed plays for the 100 chair theater, such as"The very Naked Truth". After his graduation from The Cinema High Institute, he worked as a director at Television. He directed many documentary before directing and producing his first cinema short film in 1965, "The Tied To The Back", which both critics and cinema makers agreed upon, that it's a new form film for the Egyptian Cinema; predicting a distinguished director with a unique technique. This was followed by his second experiment "The Butterfly", the first musical show film without a single dialogue sentence. It was a new experiment for the Egyptian cinema, to start his cinematic career, and become one of the most eminent cinema makers for 45 years, the age of his artistic career. Mohamed Rady directed and produced a number of films, considered as landmark in the Egyptian Cinema.

In 1968, Mohamed Rady and a group of his colleagues established a Cinematic Group, known as "The New Cinema Group". He was the head and the godfather of this group as described by the critics. Through this group he produced the film "A song On The Corridor", first direction for Ali abd el khaleq, "Shades on The Other Side" for Ghaleb Sha'ath ( this group had a distinguished creation). This group aimed at creating a new cinematic current, reaches to universality through facts and problems of the Egyptian society, with creating a new frame and a new artistic form in cinema, it succeeded to create a special current, it included Raafat al mehe, Ali abo shady, Ali abd el khaleq, Samir Farag, Salah Mar'ee, Mustafa Moharam, Nehad Bahgat, Ahmed Metwaly, Adel Mounir, Samy el salmony, Samir Faragand others.

Mohamed Rady established throughout his artistic career, a number of production companies, the most eminent one is RADY FILM, also RASIN with Mahmoud Yasin, RABIA with the writer Mageed Tobya, ATOUN with Ramsis Marzouq and Nehad Bahgat, and other companies with Nadia Lotfy, Galal el Sharqawy, Wageeh Eskandar. Besides The United Group Company, which activity is still running up so far.

Mohamed Rady was also a member of Co-operative Artists Board of Directors , which includes Salah abo Seif, Suad Hosny, Kamal el Shenawy, Nadia Lotfy, Hassan Yousef, Kamal el Sheikh. He was also a member of The High Council of Culture, during reign of Yousef el Sebaee. He was a member of Cinema Syndicate Board of Directors. He is an outstanding member in Cinema Industry Chamber.