A date with clean cinema(Ahmed Saleh)

Time of releasing "An Appointment with the President" was a critical time co-occurs with events of People Assembly, murder of former president of the Assembly and arresting suspect gangs. Which are the events forming the main theme of the film, emphasizing its artistic value, its many suggestions and its multi-speculations.

Perhaps, those in authority when watch the film, discover the importance of the Egyptian cinema, so they may try to save it, in its period of hard resistance for survival and continuity.

The real championship of the film is for an actress, a director and a producer. The film jumps to place Elham Shahen in her suitable position, to compete actresses of the first row of the Egyptian cinema, with her rich talent. She won the able, and the understanding producer Dr. Adel Hosny.

The footages group of the castle attack alone, is a certificate for the director Mohamed Rady, placing him in level of the greatest directors, and to ensure that our country has artists, they don't need universality, but only to support their art by production.


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