Introduction(Mahmoud Ali)

With love only was this film�I still remember the title of the journal investigation, which I wrote about "The Tied to The Back". It was the first journal investigation published for the young director Mohamed Rady, about his first short dramatic films.
By mid sixties, each one of us was making his own way, from an entire generation, put his feet on thresholds of practical life�title of the investigation bears no exaggeration.

It expressed what was going on, in the Egyptian cinema artries, of new blood, by the institute graduates; which is love that gathered between The New Cinema Group, later on. Rady was in the front of this group, I was one of the young journalists who accompanied this current�to express its films and longing by camera �and me� with others�.by pen!

Here it's, circle of time spinning around, including success and failure to meet a tribute for Mohamed Rady, which still has a heart of a young man at the age of sixty six.

Rady's works since its beginnings were controversial, for approval and disapproval.

As with as any work of art, especially it was, according to expression of critic Samir Farid, the godfather of The New Cinema Group. from here was his criticism out of passion, as he carries artistic message with a whole generation.

..revising works of art of Rady by the way�after all that time�with a look of its age, circumstances of its production when watching them, will reveal to us that he left indeed a print on a cinema of his own. And that he is a knight in the age of silence�one of that Anger Movement knights, which changed a lot from the Egyptian Cinema route, to carry its flag a new generation to keep going on the road.

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