Mohamed Rady Reference:

"The Tied To The Back"
1965 short film, Production and Direction,

"The Butterfly"
short film 1968.

"Do You Know the Meaning of Sadness?"

"The Barrier"

"The Innocents"

"Me, My Daughter and Love"

1972, Production and Direction,

"Sons of The Silence"

1974, Production and Direction.

"Stars Maker"

1976, Production and Direction.

"Behind The Sun"
1977, Production and Direction.

"Lifetime is A Moment"

1978, Direction.

"The Hell"
1980, Production and Direction.

"Mothers in The Exile"

1981, production and direction.

"Humans and Genii"

1985, Production and Direction.

"The Escape from The Asylum"

"A Date with Destiny"

1987, Production and Direction.

"An Appointment with The President"

"The Circulating Stone"

"The Championships Wall" 1998.

Television series "El Komy" 2001.

He also produced:

"A Girl from Israel "

"Your Burning Love" 2005.






Supervised on the production of:

"Days of Anger", "The Scandal", "Three on The Road", "The Visit of Mr. President", "Indian Movie". He directed for the television a serial for children "Read", also the fights for "Islamic Invasion" serial.

At his beginning, he directed a large number of documentary films about October War such as "Days of Heroes", "October The Eternals Epic", "The Square Statue", "The Dawn was", "Birds of Freedom" and "The Islamic Monuments in The Ayyubids Age".

Mohamed Rady joined membership of arbitration committee for many festivals as International Alexandria Festival, National Festival for Feature Films and others.

Most of his films received local and international awards, many of them represented Egypt abroad; as choosing "The Barrier" film to represent Egypt in Cannes festival.

Also choosing "Sons of The Silence" to represent Egypt in Moscow Festival.

Mohamed Rady is one of the most outstanding cinematographers in Egypt, with his contributions as a director and a producer. As well as his uniqueness in directing October War again in both " Sons of The Silence" and "Lifetime is A Moment". These footages are the only cinematic document about October War, which most of the cinema makers employ, when handling this great event.

"Sons of The Silence" was considered one of the best 100 films in the Egyptian Cinema. Many of his films are studied for students of The Cinema High Institute.